Robertson Fuel Oil. Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that your air conditioning system runs at peek performance . We offer two plans that will provide assurance that your air conditioning is performing efficiently. We perform maintenance on all brands of central air conditioning units.
Your satisfaction is our top priority.

A preventive maintenance service that includes the following:
Check air filter
Check and clean condensing unit
Check controls
Check drip pan and drain
Check electrical connections
Check evaporator coil
Check fan and motor
Check fan belt
Check operation
Check refrigerant charge
Check thermostat
Check parts for visible wear

A preventative maintenance service as stated in Plan "A".
All labor on service calls for the cooling season.


All work to be performed during regular business hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00am·4:00pm.
Plan "A" does not cover parts or service calls
Plan "B" does not cover parts and does not include service required as a result ·of the customer's failure to replace fuse, reset circuit breaker, or set thermostat properly.
Plan "B" does not cover labor for out-of-warranty compressors.

Plan "B" does not cover labor for replacement of cooling coils.



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