I. Inspect blower wheel & brackets
2. Check system operation from thermostat
3. Inspect heat exchanger for visible cracks
4. Check fan control "on" and "off" settings
5. Oil the blower motor, where applicable
6. Inspect flue pipe
7. Check for proper flue draft
8. Check primary air adjustments on burner
9. Check thermocouple
10. Check for proper ignition
11. Check operating gas pressure
12. Check burners and assembly
13. Check voltage and amperage
14. Check and clean pilot assembly
15. Check operation of gas valve
16. Check electrical wiring
17. Check operation of safety controls
The heating service plans outlined herein are subject to the following conditions:
Customer agrees to purchase fuel oil from Robertson Fuel Oil, Inc. during the entire term of this agreement and the purchase and use of fuel oil from any supplier, other than Robertson Fuel Oil, Inc., immediately renders the terms of the instant agreement null and void and further, any monies paid to the supplier under the terms of the instant agreement are non-refundable to customer.

This agreement is void if the buyer permits any persons other than our employees to render service to the equipment except as instructed by us.
This agreement does not cover priming/starting of heater (labor and parts) after runout if runout is due to customer negligence or delayed delivery due to non-payment.
This agreement does not cover parts damaged by water, fire, act of God, accident, tampering or abuse.
This agreement does not cover oil tank freeze-ups or liability for injury or damage resulting from the same.
Our obligation to furnish any parts is subject to their availability through normal sources of supply. 
This agreement includes only repair and replacement of parts specifically listed which are defective due to normal wear and may include use of new, used, or reconditioned parts.
This agreement does not cover liability for injury or damage resulting from defects in, or the operation or non-operation of, customer's burner or its appurtenances or any other equipment, nor does it cover liability for loss or damage resulting from delay or failure to perform hereunder due wholly or partially to labor disturbances, fires, lack of material, governmental regulations, or any causes beyond our control.
Where more than one circulator is used, this agreement covers only circulator used for living room circuit. This agreement does not cover humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, water feed valve, zone valve, circulator bearing assemblies, press relief valves, automatic air vents or ECM blower motors.
This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto and there are no promises, terms, conditions or obligations other than printed herein.


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