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Oil Delivery

Robertson's Fuel Oil offers two different ways for you to order home heating oil. The first and easiest is Automatic Delivery...
The second is to request an oil delivery by filling out this form or calling us at 610-485-1691.


Furnaces & Boilers

Heat Your Home

Trust Robertson's to keep your home warm all winter long with oil heat. We provide a full range of state-of-the-art oil heat equipment that is energy efficient, which means lower heat and hot water costs for you. Our certified professionals install all equipment with care. 

  • Automatic Delivery. We’ll examine your annual usage records and utilize our weather-tracking technology to calculate when you’ll be in need of an oil delivery.
  • On-Demand Delivery. Request oil as you need it. Call or click here to schedule a delivery online

Service Plans – The Only Plan You’ll Ever Need for Your Home Comfort

Robertson's is dedicated to ensuring that your home comfort equipment runs at peak performance. We’re proud to offer convenient, affordable oil heat service plans that provide coverage to suit your needs. Rest easy knowing we’ll respond to your call as promptly as possible.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee every repair we perform.

Click here to download our service plan agreement.


Central Air Conditioning

Stay Cool All Summer Long

Central air conditioning does not have to be expensive. With Robertson's, air conditioning can be affordable and easily installed. Our qualified cooling experts will help you find the most sensible air conditioning unit for your home, your budget and your family’s needs. We’ll install it at your convenience with as little disruption to your home as possible.

Cooling Service Plans – The Only Plan You’ll Ever Need for Your Home Comfort

Robertson's is dedicated to ensuring that your air conditioning equipment runs at peak performance. To ensure you stay cool all summer, we’re proud to offer convenient, affordable air conditioning service plans that provide coverage to suit your needs. Rest easy knowing we’ll respond to your call as promptly as possible.

We perform maintenance on all brands of central air conditioning units. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee every repair we perform. 

Click here to see our service plan agreement.

Preventive Maintenance. All service plans include preventive maintenance with annual inspections. We will conduct the following maintenance: 

  • Check Air Filter
  • Check and Clean Condensing Unit
  • Check Controls
  • Check Drip Pan and Drain
  • Check Electrical Connections
  • Check Evaporator Coil
  • Check Fan and Motor
  • Check Fan Belt
  • Check Oil Supply
  • Check Operation
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check Parts For Visible Wear
  • Check Pressure
  • Check System For Leaks 

Contact Robertson's today to discuss your central air conditioning needs at 610-485-1691.


Water Heaters

If your water heater is leaking or you run out of hot water quickly, we’ll do our best to repair it, however, you may need a new water heater installation. If so, replace it with a new high-efficiency water heater from the plumbing experts at Robertson's. We have a variety of options for you including high-efficiency water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters and tankless water heaters.

Cut Your Energy Costs

It has been estimated that 25% or more of a family’s energy expense come just from the cost of running the water heater. If you’d like to cut down on your energy costs, consider a high-efficiency water heater. It may cost a bit more initially, but you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Water heater repairs and installations are not easy tasks and mistakes are one of the most common causes of injuries and water heater failures. Don’t risk your family’s safety or well-being. Request an Estimate from the water heater experts at Robertson's today or call 610-485-1691.


Humidifiers & Air Cleaners 

The humidity level is one of the most impactful factors in your body's perception of comfort. There is a very thin line between what your body considers too much and too little humid.

Maintaining your home's humidity level between 30-60% can help reduce the effects of unwanted conditions. Living with excess humidity or a lack of humidity can lead to an unheathly home. It can also cause permanent damage to your home and your possessions.

Too Little Humidity

You experience chronic symptoms, including sore throats, dry, itchy skin, nose bleeds and sinus irritation.

Your hardwood floors shrink and crack. Joints in your wood furniture becomes loose.

Wallpaper peels. Paint and plaster cracks.

You experience frequent static shocks.

Your thermostat is maxed out, but you still feel cold.


Today's Price

Hours & Location

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:30.

Also from Thanksgiving through mid-March, our office is open on Saturdays, 8:00 to 12:00.

We employ an answering service to answer all calls after office hours.

We have one of our service technicians "on-call" for emergencies during evening and weekend hours during the winter months.


Should you have any questions, please call Robin, Lisa, or Sue in the office at 610-485-1691

We are located at 1814 Chichester Avenue Upper Chichester, PA. right off of I-95.

See our Directions page for help to get to our office.

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